April 29, 2013

It has been rough weeks for me. assignments, personal matters, non personal matters..let me put this in a simpler way.. I'm not okay.

It is just I cant decide to share my feels with whom, since I realized each and everyone of us having our own problems. Maybe it is not that serious till I cry to sleep but it is enough to put me in misery. Dont simply assume I have love problem because I'm really happy with my life and my yeobo is really taking care of me nicely. 

I'm having problem with distance. Distance makes me anxious and more anxious. I know that if I try to hard to make thing more narrower it is just dont feel right. What I do is hoping for what has been so far from me, will come back and make things going back to normal. No effort and I am asking for miracles. Pemalas.

What I need is a sincere pray from everyone who read this- so that I'm okay and getting better. 
Thank you in advance. 

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