8th March

March 09, 2014


Yesterday was blue. There are so many tears. First, as the world knows, flight of MH370 was disappeared 8th March 2014 at 2.41 am and still no news updates about them. There are so many questions and speculations running around the media and also the social networks which somehow brings chaotic in Malaysia. There are still no confirmation whether the victims are alive or death. As a human, we just can pray to Allah SWT for their safety and if they were destined to be found dead or go without any news, let's pray that they're souls is in the beautiful place and may Allah forgive for any wrongdoings throughout their lives. To the family, be strong and I offer my deepest condolences. I know my sympathy will not help to lighten your burden and sadness, but I believe Allah will always with you guys. And for the Muslim, whenever you think you're in trouble and there's no one to hold onto, read this doa. It's the powerful one- This doa was read by Nabi Ibrahim A.S when he was about to be thrown into the burning fire by the Jahiliah. In shaa Allah, you'll be stay in peace. 

" Hasbiyallahu wa ni'mal wakeel"- Only Allah is enough for me.

My old friend died yesterday. Allahyarham Mohd Afif bin Abd Fattah. He was a nice boy and very friendly person. We lost contact after I moved to boarding school and he was moving to technical school. I swear I do not remember anything bad about him. It was unexpected but Allah plans everything. Last year, when I was a replacement teacher, I taught his sister. His sister told me that he was suffered Tibi about one and half year (since early 2012) and even though he was recovering from Tibi, he cannot use his legs anymore. Because the virus has attacked and lumpuhkan his legs. Masya ALLAH. May Allah forgives him and mercy on him because he was suffered for almost two years. I couldn't make it to pay my last visit, but he will remain in my memory forever. Al- fatihah.

See? How life is so unpredictable. People come and go. Somehow, I received this as one of my tarbiyah in life even though it doesnt hit me right on my face, but I know Allah is sending me his warning about my sins. There are many things to reflect, and I just couldnt list out here because it's too personal and only me and myself could understand what I feel. These past two years, there were so many things in my life that somehow wake me up from the deep sleep. They just too many and changed me a lot. Thank you Allah for the reminder and keep signalling me with Your reminder because I'm just a normal human being that's always forget about you. Till then. 

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