I developed new phobia.

August 30, 2013

Assalamualaikum awak awak.. Okay today's topic is phobia. Do you have one? or two?? Okay, I've never have one but I do now.Sobs. If you're not sure what phobia is, please google it :)

Sebenarnya tak pernah langsung having any phobia in my life.But in the age of 21- I've got one. This aint cool. Okay I dont know what kind of phobia I'm suffering but this is pretty scary. I'm afraid or feel not easy to be in a space that I could never be able to ask for help from the others. huh,, It happened last week. I went to this place, where there was one room that is divided into two. Since the room is divided by two parts- it has two doors. So,usually, I'll use the left door but at that time, the right door was the only open. Even though I want to go to the left part of the room, I have to use the right door since it was the only door that open. I realised there are two other people in that room, but dont really care since they have nothing to do with me. 

I was soo busy with my work, and suddenly "Bam!". I've heard that they're slamming the door. Okay maybe they're just shutting the door,but I was wrong. They're shutting the grill too!! Okay it wasnt that bad since that door wasnt locked. However, I was wrong again. SO, I've been struggling opening the grill from inside. The door cant be opened since the grill was blocking the door from opening. I almost cried, Seriously. My chest hurt, I started to feel dizzy and I just cant think. I just keep banging the door so that there is anyone out there hears me. Icant contact anyone since I was alone, and the phone's battery was only 5% left. i know this one isnt a cliche scene in movies anymore. For about almost 45 mins I was in there and I didnt feel good. Alhamdulillah, there are two guys came to enter the room and there were so shocked to see me inside. Hurm...

When I got home, I was still in shocked. I usually locked my door and sleep without any lights but up till today, I didnt dare to lock my room and switch on the light even though I'm not the type who can sleep with the light on. I feel so terrified till I brought em to my dreams. Before, I dont believe to those who are afraid of heights or you know to be in elevator or something. But now I know how it feels. So guys,be careful. 

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  1. Haiiii.. salam kenal... sihat ke..

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