me and my anger

August 26, 2013

Assalamualaikum. Hello. At last I decided to finish this post. omg. I have so many posts in draft but I dont know why whenever I start to write, I couldn't finish it. Sobs.

So by referring to the post tittle, I definitely wanna talk about my anger. Historically, I inherit this anger from my father. And that's for sure. Hehe. Straight to the point.. I will let my anger out whenever I didnt get anything that I want. In a simpler way, I easily get upset with anything that I felt wrong. Even it is the smallest thing in the world. I feel ashamed to write all of this but it's hard to change in overnight. 

My anger brought a lot of problems to me. To be honest it puts me in a lot of fight. Just like yesterday -.-''. Only people that really know about this will understand but for how long?? How long they'll be able to understand and stay? Omg I teared up *drama queen*. I definitely need to reduce my anger or meet counselling or something but I want you guys to know that it aint easy. It aint easy. Sometimes, I didnt realize that I've hurt someone. T.T

But you know I think I cant control myself really well. And I honestly say, sometimes I'm just too self-centered but I'm not selfish aherher. Self-centered in my dictionary means I always seeing things only in my point of view. But to all my friends that I met during my asasi times and degree you're just so lucky because I was worse. Haha.. I've changed once, but I thought people were taking advantages on me. Okay just give me a moment of silence and stay cool whenever I feel people are taking advantages to me. I just want to be a nice girl :(

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  1. i never thought of u being a hot-tempered person since i met u in asasi =_='' u're always sweet, in my eyes ^_^


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