I'm not sure what is this

January 22, 2014

My friends were asking me why am I'm being so heartless to them? Dont get me wrong. It's just I was the person who always kepoh kepoh about what they've been through. Suddenly, they just feel that they lost me. I'm not talking much, I sleep a lot, when they are all talking about something we against on, they just dont know what I've been thinking of coz I'm not talking- A WORD.

It happened, when Maisarah and Adda asking me what's the wrong. I said, I dont know. Exactly a year ago till now, it's something.I feel so empty. Yes, I just knew what empty feels. I dont know the way I bring myself is just so different the way I was. They said that I just dont give a damn thing on anything.

Blind my eyes, make ears dont listen, keep the mouth shut- at least I did it. To not give a damn. Haih *i know someone will against me on this, but whatever. Do whatever you heart likes. it's yours not mine, i just dont care*

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  1. been there gone through. takpe Clo, you'll figure yourself out someday :) no matter how and what do you feel, always stay close to Allah, He's definitely with us when the world seems to turn its back against us ^_^


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