June 17, 2015

Gotta be honest here, I think I'm going to be very active blogging again. I think by blogging people dont judge because that's what blogs are made for. There's no one's gonna read my blog anyway. Therefore, it is one of the privileges to write without need to concern the lame-ity of the content of my blog.

Yesterday marked the last day of examination paper for my undergraduate years. To be true, I'm so thankful because the-long-hellish-years almost end. I just need to finish presentation for my final year project and then, I'm done with it! But the most interesting part is, what I'm gonna do in the future?

My Plan A: I want hiatus till Syawal and pursue my Master in September while I'm working as replacement teacher. Then, I wait for the postings and work as a teacher till I got my Master. Then, I pursue my PhD and  be a lecturer and live happily ever after. Gotta say, that's the safest road that I can take for myself. My dangerous Plan B is.... yeah haven't figure out it yet. The only thing I'm sure, I want to expand my business because I started to like it.

I really pray to Allah to ease my next undertakings in life. I dont want it to be ordinary because I want it to be wonderful. In shaa Allah,if there's a will, there's a way.

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