People you dont keep.

June 14, 2015

I dont know why I am so concerned about these two annoying people during my crucial period. God, I'm so busy with the deadlines, final exam and viva presentations since I will graduate soon, yet these two people have plenty of time running around me and make me sick about them. 

Everybody makes mistakes, so do I. Cant deny how I hate people who only do their best in criticizing  people rather than improving themselves to be a better person. Well, I'm not better than you, but at least I dont spread hatred around. If I hate, I do it alone. If you think making people feel absurd and irritating is the best revenge you could give to, I bet you definitely never knew the sweetness of forgiving, letting things go and move on. This kind of people are the best to be avoided as soon as possible. 

On the brightest side, I just cant wait to graduate and forget all the childish play of yours. I hope that you two would never do anything stupid like this to other people. 

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