Distant Shores

July 10, 2015

"I dream about leaving him. Living alone."
"And in those dreams you're happy and independent and free. When you wake up, you're lonely and lost again."
Meghann leaned toward her."Look, Birdie, women come into my office everyday, saying they're not happy. I write down the words that will tear their families apart and break a lot of hearts. And you know what? Most of them end up wishing they'd tried harder, loved better. They end up trading their homes, their sayings, their lifestyle, for nine-to-five jobs and a stack of bills, while hubby-dearest waits ten seconds, then marries the salad-bar girl at Hooters. So, here's a million dollars worth of advice from your best friend and divorce attorney: If you're empty it;s not Jack's fault, or even his problem, and leaving him won't solve it. It's your job to make Elizabeth Shore happy."
"I don't know how to do that anymore"

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