Contact Lens

August 04, 2015

Hey... I'm freaking out right now because tomorrow I decided to get a pair of contact lens. I never tried to put it in. I did a little bit of research of how to put in, take out, the care and bunch of stufffs. And I know it ain't that easy man. So, I found an optical shop that sell a quite cheap contact lens for my eyes. It's like only RM22 for the clear ones. It's pretty cheap you know since the last time I surveyed was RM 30. Plus, the optometrist is so kindly offered me to teach me how to put in the contacts.  So, literally the price has given me a fiery motivation to start it now! It's probably one of the best favours I got for this year gotta tell ya!

It has been two years since I put 'using contact lens' in my new year's resolutions and never got ticked because I'm a little chicken. It got really hard when I started to wear wideshawls instead of tudung bawal to cover up. Tell ya whattttt~ I never felt so confident wearing shawls with the glasses on. As a result, I rather being a blind girl in functions like dinner without my glasses on just to look perfect with my #ootd. leuls. Since I will be graduated in October in shaa Allah, I think I might have plenty of time to practice to put on the contacts. Therefore, I just decided, tomorrow (4 Aug 2015) will be the day that I first wearing my contact lens. Wish me luck! Finger crossed~

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