Happy First Working Anniversary, Marshmallow!

August 05, 2015

Last year, on this beautiful day, was your first day stepping into your career as an engineer in YTL. Even though you have been transferred to the different place but then I think today is the special day to celebrate. While others are struggling getting jobs *including me*, you must be thankful because your journey was very smooth and easy compared to others. Anyway, Happy  First Working Anniversary for you yayang! Congratulations for all that you've achieved and hope you can contribute more to your parents, family, company, religion and nations. It might sound so superlative but dear, it is not impossible. I am very proud of you because I could see that you are enjoying your job because you know we will do better when we are happy on what we do. Stay cool, make your parents proud and may Allah counted all your effort as Ibadah in shaa Allah. Congratulations again! :)

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