My life without Twitter

August 04, 2015

In the last Ramadhan, I decided to deactivate my twitter account for good. Honestly it was not because of being a better person just because it was the holy month but I just cant stand it anymore. Before this, there were couple of trials of deactivating my Twitter account because of the same reason. Oh god, I cant put my feelings into words since I have mixed feelings whenever I scrolled the timeline. There were series of accidents and thousands reasons why I think it was the best for me to stop tweeting. So, let me keep all the series because it would take more than 10 seasons to finish it. 

How's my life going without twitter account? I must say, LAME, but in a very good way. Well, I might be the last person on earth knowing trending news, jokes or issues that speculated in Twitter but tell you what, sometimes ignorance is a bliss. I think my life is simpler and I became more positive day by day since I dont need to handle shits in Twitter. I think when I was in Twitter, I became a pain in someone's arse by being a  jerks saying negative about people, judging people's tweets and wasting my time reading shits in Twitter. Well, not all of the time I got or found shits, but I usually get that. I guess, it was all my fault because it reflected me how I received and interpreted on things I read in Twitter. I took all the blame guys, but heyyyyyy everything's safe and sound now.

I did miss my Twitter tbh. It's just, I think I'm already old to act like I was. It was a good decision I made to shut down my Twitter and I knew it's for the best. I just want a simple and positive life and no doubt I'm on my way ;)

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