perhatian bakal suami

July 05, 2013


Kahkah.. Tajuk post tak boleh blah. Hehe. So kepada bakal 'abang' saya, ayang nak gi sini buleh? :3

I've been dreaming travelling to Venice (for honeymoon), Makkah, Korea, Paris, Krabi, and Europe before I die. For Europe, I planned with my cousins and their friends to go there after I graduated my degree program. In shaa Allah. And for Korea, Iskandar said that he wanted to bring me there. Leulz. *gua tuntut sama lu* and Makkah, me and Mama have been pleading to Abah for umrah as soon as possible and there's no plan for the other places yet. I will not rush to this, but I hope I can go to these places somehow. 

Today, I want to add a place in the list. A small village called- Agueda in Portugal. Why? Because of this-

I find it so creative and interesting at the same time. This installation of umbrella, or floating umbrella is one of the places that has becoming the attraction to Agueda. However, if you want to see this street full of umbrellas, you have to come to Agueda during summer- in July. There will be summer festival and charade along this street. So, anyone interested? Let's plan to be here together :)

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