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July 04, 2013


I bet there must be someone who has been wondering why I keep updating my blog lately. I have few reasons:

1. Since I have a job, I met new people, experiencing new environment. I'm quite excited to be a teacher in school even though -it's only temporary. But I think there are quite a few of us, who had this experience. Reasons why I chose this job because of course, as a future teacher this could help in not only in my career but in my practical teaching in 6th semester. Actually I'm quite disappointed with the administration since they still not giving me any specific teaching job in that school. But mom said, never mind this time you can learn how to control the class- it's important too :) When I was offered to be teaching in that school, the PPD officer said, is that okay-since that school is very popular with it's 'hard core students'. I accepted this job because I think, I have to start off with the worst so that in the future, whenever I face the difficulties in my career I'm not freaking out. Yeah think positive-and btw I get paid everyday. HAHA.

2. I want the readers other than teachers to be exposed to what teachers are facing today. Tbh, teachers nowadays are not bound with teaching- they have to be everything. Sometimes-a cleaner. With students' nowadays attitudes that they are not really bother about their studies *I'm not referring to all* + administration workload such as PBS, Kajian Tindakan and all, I realized sometimes they dont really have time for themselves. I will talk about this later.. In shaa ALLAH

3. I'm not really interested to other social network- facebook and twitter. Since I deactivated and activated my twitter accounts all over again, I would say, I lost my pace especially when I communicate with my friends there. I feel old and lame. So I decided not to tweet. -.-'' Facebook- you know everybody is lame.

4. Yes, I cannot deny that the UTM BLOGGER  badges and network made me more excited to blog. I met new friends in the blog- I read different stories, experiences, and especially experience after graduating. It brings me closer to the UTM society. it's just so pleasant :)

5. I just love to tell stories. and bragging kut. and bored. HAHA.

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